I mentioned yesterday that I was a list guy so today I figured that I would expose my love of rules. Rules are one of the core management techniques that I teach every working day so it is only fitting that they bleed over into my personal life. Any of you who have been to my house however know that I can make all of the rules I want to but getting them followed is another story. I have laid down the law no less than four separate times declaring NO MORE PETS and each time I was greeted with another unwelcome face in the house… but that is a tale for another time. The point is I am talking about personal rules that apply to this guy. (double thumbs pointing back at me)

And in keeping with my exposure of working quirks these rules are kept in list form so don’t be confused when you see a number near them.

1. Surround myself with people who make me smile. This doesn’t mean that everyone I know has to be hilarious. I am talking about a spontaneous grin triggered by the sight of someone. This usually means that they are a positive in my life. Said another way, if they are a pain in my ass, its a pain I can suffer through because I love them.

2. Only be a villain by choice. I work with a lot of people who have no idea how they are perceived by others. I used to tell my kids to act like they were on TV. If they would be embarrassed or ashamed of something they were about to do or a way they were acting STOP. I try to evaluate the things I do from other perspectives and if I hit someone with unintentional ill will I own up to it and apologize. The by choice thing just means that there are some people who deserve to be treated in a less than nice way.  There is a very dark side of me that loves to come out and play. That is reserved for those who deserve.

3. Find the people I miss. This one probably sounds weird to anyone but me and I need to explain. Last year wile I was sitting in my Facebook duck blind spying on people I realized that I had said “I really miss _____” and then I started to think about the people I wanted to see but did’t. This one ended up on the list originally as NO EXCUSES FIND EVERYONE which was a challenge to myself to get face to face time with all of the people who matter to me. This is no small order as I am attached to a lot of folks scattered across the country but luckily I travel quite a bit for work. So this year I am doing what I can to actually SEE the people that aren’t close enough for a quick visit and actually go to those who are.

4. Learn something every day. This sounds like one of those bullshit make me sound smarter things but it is something I try to do every day. And I’m not talking about the theory of relativity and how it relates to quantum mechanics (now that was some bullshit) I am looking more at the lessons I get taught every day that would normally go unnoticed. So rather than a research rule it is more a reflective one.

5. Create something every day. Self explanatory and yes this counts. I also count doodles, ideas, and really anything that makes me thankful for my own particular brain. I really do feel better when I write every day. And not the stuff I have to for work either… if emails were my only creative outlet they would get real interesting real fast. Writing for the sake of writing, drawing because the mood overtook me, and being mindful to activate that part of myself at least once a day. That’s what this rule is about.

6. Need LESS. This one is a pisser. I have set up my life incorrectly to do this right. So I have made it a goal to try and boil my stuff down to the essentials. This is a lot harder than it seems and I am focused on it as I think about what I will do with my soon to be office space on the front of the house. But I need to tell you that I dream of a much simpler life two to three days a week without exaggeration. Something in my brain obviously desires a simpler life and this one will be a struggle for a while.

There you have them. There is a seventh rule and that is Be Better but that is really cheesy and left out on purpose. OCD wouldnt allow me to give you a completely edited version. hashtag brokenbrain (by the way if you want to drive people crazy type the word hashtag on twitter… awesome.)

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