stormy weather

No time. I am a productive maniac today as yesterday was a speed bump in my week. The white ball of ever shedding fur that lives in our house was not a fan of the recent storms. I think if we were any closer to the tornadic (I like using the new weather made up words) activity she might have to be put down. The dog had never been a big fan of fireworks or thunder so the night before was a real treat. I think I logged two contiguous hours of sleep and that contributed to my stellar day as well.

Its hard to not feel sorry for her and at one point she altered the volume and pitch of her whining to an unbearable level. Through a closed door and in another wing of the palace it still managed to drill in through my ear canal right to the back of my left eye. So I had to do the only thing that would calm anybody down.


It started as this after coming in from the deluge of rain at lunch but throughout the day migrated to the next picture.
I don’t think that Nemo could even hear the storm but he enjoyed the change of venue. I was okay on calls as long as the thunder kept to a dull roar. But when things escalated I had some splainin to do to anyone on the other end of the phone. It ended up working out and I have a hard time complaining as I watch the path of destruction that Ma Nature cut through some local communities.
One of my ball busting favorites with friends in Kansas (usually sports related so I need to take things elsewhere) is every once in a while God takes his vacuum out… I thought I might have a Karmic boomerang headed my way. Warning duly noted.

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