walgreen time out

I was on prescription pick up duty today and it was one of those annoying ones that you have to physically drop off at the counter. I did that seemingly unnecessary deed and then strolled around the store until I had visited every isle that even remotely applied to me. Once that was finished I headed over to the magazines and too a selection back to the sad little waiting area to ride out the rest of my sentence. As I sat there the woman next to me was probably an octogenarian at least and her daughter wasn’t treating her very well. My inner do-gooder was activated but then I got caught up in an article.

Lucky for that as I would not have really known what to say but also because the sweet old woman turned out to be an asshole. full blown card carrying a-hole from the time when the word was invented. Possibly the inspiration. Man she was hard core. She lit her daughter up about her haircut, said her makeup made her look like a whore, and yelled at to random kids fidgeting in line to “CUT THAT OUT AND BEHAVE.” The look on the dad’s face was priceless as he had no idea how to react.

Luckily the daughter was no slouch at wrangling this particular demon. She barked her down talking about the complete idiots every single grandchild the woman had was and how she had no right to talk to anyone about behavior. Uncomfortable and awesome all rolled into one. Plus it made the waiting sail by.

My name was called and the woman behind the counter was extra salty. She has a severe speech impediment like Elmer Fudd which doesn’t bother me but one might think she would over compensate with nice. I had a coupon from the doctor that made the $250 medication free so I presented it and she went into a fit. Deep exaggerated sighs, asking if I had ever used one of those before, and my question of “Coupon in general or that particular one?” was met with a disgusted tooth suck.

She made a show of calling for cashier backup while she dealt with the horrendous problem I was apparently causing and after five agonizing minutes she finished my transaction. Not before attempting to scold me for failing to mention the magic coupon. I think she thought I would just walk away having learned my lesson. nope

“Thanks for being so shitty about it and congratulations! You are the worst customer service person I have ever encountered. You have taken Bad At Your Job to a whole new level.” I stood there for a second to see if there would be another round but when none came I made for the exit. I might have to take a little self imposed time out from the local pharmacy just to be safe.

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