I’m baack

Here I sit in a hotel room alone on a Friday night changing my clothes getting ready to head to a bar. The Hawks are on tonight and there is no way I’m sitting in by myself. I deeply regret not bringing one of my Blackhawks shirts as the people of Minnesota are taking their irregular playoff birth way too seriously. When I planned this weekend it seemed like a good idea. Didn’t finish this afternoon until 5:00pm and have a meeting bright and early Monday morning. So I would have driven home and landed sometime after 11:00pm only to drive back on Sunday. It seemed stupid to head home for a day and a half but I am mired in regret at the present moment.

Tomorrow I will be having dinner with my Aunts so I’ve got that going for me. These two called me drunk on New Years Eve at 2:30am (what’s happening time-typer guy? enough already with the schedule post) just to talk on my birthday. When I said I was headed to bed after I cleaned up I was called a lightweight and a pussy. I do so love these ladies and dinner should be fun.

Time to go and make some friends OR just sit at the bar and make fun of people silently to myself.

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