Saturday night with the aunts

I drove down to meet a couple of my favorite people Saturday. I got to leave earlier than expected so I interrupted their cheap liquor run. Where they live the only local liquor store is owned by the city so they charge a premium for everything. Since we were meeting in a relatively big city (40,000 people)
they could stock up on beer, wine, hard cider, and Jack Daniels on the cheap. We had an awesome meal at a local brew pub type joint and then it was time for some site seeing.

This city was also coincidentally the place of my birth and somewhere we lived off and on during the early years. While attempts to find our first ever house (not on wheels) were unsuccessful we did make it to the bowling alley that my dad and a partner owned a long time ago. I was just a we lad when we lived there and my memories are mostly enhanced by an older generation but we thought it would be fun to have a drink in the bar.

My aunties went to get us a table or more accurately chose one of the empty ones because everyone in the place was either at the bar or the pool tables. While I was waiting for our drinks there was a super drunk dude that bumped into a whole pile of crazy. The bump triggered an apologetic and too enthusiastic apology hug that elevated the crazy guy to his highest defcon. Crazy began yelling for the drunk to GET THE F*CK AWAY FROM HIM and the drunk started to take offense. Things went south quickly after that.

I had just decided on one of my old faithful defense tactics and was testing the heft of the barstool when our beers finally arrived. Sensing no immediate danger to myself I gathered the bottles and headed over to the aunts. They were locked in to the action and we all watched it like a TV show. There were threats of stabbing and shooting. The police were called and crazy was demanding to view the security tapes.

Drunk and his friends skedaddled as this might not have been their first run in with the law and crazy got crazier. It was entertaining until it got boring. The cops never showed up, one of drunks drunk friends came back to threaten crazy which wound him up all over again. It was raining pretty hard and kind of late so we called it a night. But not before I got a picture.


I was told that I used to sing Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy on that very stage as a toddler. And upon sending this picture to Dad he declared the chairs the same ones from the sixties.


The crazy person walking to the bathroom in the distance is my aunt. Other than that a hopping Saturday evening in this fine establishment.


The lanes were busy as well. Could be a marketing issue. Or… Well, at least they have black-lights to aid the police forensic units and video screens to entertain the workers.


In the late 60’s it was the Village Bowl and the Tiki Lounge. That sign rules.

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