I know it’s bad when I get a text from Doug letting me know that he started calling coroners as to my potential whereabouts. Last week was a pisser for a bunch of reasons not the least of which was teaching the class that is mine all mine. Thought it up, designed it, pitched it, reworked it, Beta tested it with a focus group class, delivered it once, and then got busy with other things. I had been meaning to make improvements for the last two months but it just never happened.

So I found myself cramming all of that work into Monday and Tuesday which made me one cranky hot mess. I got the work done but both nights ended sometime after 11:00 and Wednesday morning was a 5:30am alarm. I am always a little twisted up the first day of training anything because you don’t know whats coming your way. Who is coming, will they show up on time, what will their attitudes and personalities be like, (hey Captain Comma, we get it. write better and enough with the punctuation already.) etc. It always works out but this is the process that my broken brain goes through every time.

The class went well and I was still a little wound up from the first day so I decided to go for a little walk. I was meeting some local friends for dinner in a St Paul neighborhood called Cathedral Hill so I headed straight there. Probably should have checked the gps app before I left because my little constitutional turned out to only be a mile and a half but it was straight up the aforementioned hill which was no joke. The booze I consumed masked the strain on my knees that night but the next day was a different story.

I woke up with an invisible midget standing on my feet and stabbing me in the knees. Pair that up with a minor aching head from the previous evenings festivities and you might have a recipe for potential disaster. But no. I had to practice what I was about to preach. A big chunk of this learning is about leaving whatever else is going on in your life at the door and deciding to be great. And so the choice was made.

I even used it as an example the next day asking the class how I did the day before. We talked about the opening segments and the morning as a whole. Then I let them know how I was feeling and asked if anyone could tell. Nope, and it was like I planned the whole thing. The person who was helping me with the class asked if I had to do that every time from now on… Interesting thought but no.

This was a long winding way to say that there was no way in hell I could have written anything fun this week. Even last night… as soon as the class ended I bolted for the door and drove six hours in the rain. I am mental mush right now but I’ll be back in no time.

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