Beat like a drum

It was C2E2 time again and that means I walk around with my mouth hanging open for three solid hours. I don’t have much to report other than this is one of the few public events where you will find longer lines for the men’s rooms rather than the ladies. I do have some pictures to share but I need to tell you whats going on. I am obsessed with people my age or older dressed up as the weird superheros that lived in comics when I was a kid. All of them were strange by today’s standards and they required an extraordinary ability to suspend disbelief.

Oh crap, phone trying to do some major update and giving me fits with my pics. I reserve the right to come back to this post tomorrow. And now I leave you with a 6:00am hammered Vikings fan ahead of me in the habitrails of St. Paul Minnesota last week.

no clue if this is going to work and I am way too tired to care. gave me some error message that made me want to punch it. putting phone away now…


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