Okay, I began yesterday telling you about C2E2 in that brief shitshow of a post. Hopefully my issues are in the past so here goes. I wrote “I am obsessed with people my age or older dressed up as the weird superheros that lived in comics when I was a kid. All of them were strange by today’s standards and they required an extraordinary ability to suspend disbelief” as a precursor to some of my pictures. Case in point old school Aquaman as portrayed by a complete rock-star.


This guy’s don’t-care-o-meter is off the scale. When the tale of Arthur Curry was first told he was a former king of Atlantis and they made him out as a Royal Dandy. That is why I never really got in to those comics and why this guy locked on like a pit bull.  Well done sir.
Next up is old school Green Arrow. A million reasons why I asked him to pose but the best you can hardly see due to his preferred hero stance. He made a replica of my favorite arrow, the boxing glove. I tried to make one of these bad boys myself when I was eight using a suction cup bow and arrow set plus a junior boxing glove. I have to say that my version failing so spectacularly took away some shine from the Arrow for me. But this dude rocks it like he is it. Again nicely played.
I am heading out of town on a one day trip tonight so I don’t have a lot of time to chat. I will leave you with some unexplained random shots to enjoy.
OK not totally unexplained… this caped crusader is a teacher at my kids high school.
Captain Chicago handed me a card after the picture and asked me to tag him in it and follow him on twitter. When I asked why the star didn’t match the official City of Chicago one he didn’t seem pleased. Turns out Superheros are not impervious to smartassery.


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