you get a couple chances

I am ready to throw Blogger out the window but everything else charges me money or claims all rights to everything I plop down on their service. It’s a lose – lose deal but I am cranky. Yesterday I was trying to post from my phone. This is something that I thought the good people at Google should kind of have down by now but that is far from the case. I was part of a staged presenter conference call type thing and while I waited for my turn I was trying to keep my mind from wandering.

So I started typing a kind of word jazz thing of strange phrases the speakers before me were using. My fascination for business jargon and acronyms took over and I was capturing some real gems. I love when people completely make up some obscure set of letters to boil down a group of words and then use it as if every English speaking person on the planet should automatically know what it means. Sometimes I like to take the letters and come up with the things that the audience is trying to apply to them.

What is killing me is the fact that I had four great ones that I had never heard before and I had some what I thought to be clever alternate meanings. I would love to recreate them now except I hit publish on the phone app and they disappeared. gone. no trace. a full hour last night on the Blogger help areas just made me more frustrated. If you are thinking “you get what you pay for” you are probably right but SHUT IT. You are not me and this is supposed to be a no cost relaxing hobby. Part of what had me so twisted up with WordPress was the $99 a year to have a basic blog that did what I want. I need to stop because I’m getting myself all twisted up again over this and that usually leads to sweeping irrational decision making.

These are dangerous times for as glitches like this have led to sabbaticals in the past. I will get over it but posts that I really want someone to read are few and far between… yesterday was one of those. Anyhow, I’ll stop crying now and give you the gist even though I’m pissed. (stop that rhyming and I mean it! …anybody want a peanut? ~Fezzik from the Princess Bride) I need to use an easy one as all of the great ones from yesterday are gone into the void.

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and people in my industry throw it around as if it were a universally known acronym. The game involves alternate interpretations like:

Hurling Volcanic Ash Catcher
Hoping Violent Acts Continue
Hapless Villain Al Cowlings (old school OJ reference out of nowhere…)

You get the gist. Not as fun and I’m still a little bitter. If this keeps up watch for some changes.

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