and so it begins

work on my new office started today as I am quickly approaching the deadline for turning my old garage into a room. It turns out that the town in which we live doesn’t want a garage door when there is no driveway of any kind leading up to it. weird.

My bride has declared this the crack den look and I think we might have landed on a name before construction even begins. Today was phase one, demolition. Next week the wall will be framed in and window installed. I didn’t get to do the two casement windows I wanted as once again the evil government wants all of my windows to match. I don’t really care as long as the space gets sealed up.
Inside isn’t much better but I had best get used to it as the cupboard is bare until I can save up some funds. The plan is to finish by the end of summer but I need money for an electrician, then insulation, then drywall, then some type of heating and cooling, probably some carpet, who am I kidding. Gonna be a while. I’ll leave you with the final creepy picture I took.
Could not get the flash to activate to save my life. I think the weird curtains were letting in too much daylight. Those things hid the previous owners paranoid break-in defense system. Deep sunk eye bolts with iron pipes slid through. The whole Y2K thing hit the poor old dude hard.


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