okay okay… I get it… I’ll stop messing with the site. [WARNING POTENTIAL BLOG ON BLOG BOREDOM AHEAD] Anyone who tried to get here over the weekend and failed I apologize. It was all me screwing around. I proved to myself why I should not host my own site even at the completely reasonable price of a dollar per month. You do get what you pay for even with loss leader pricing and there were about 18 hours where this thing was in such a knot I couldn’t think my way through the solution. In the end I blew up the self hosted site and went back to good old frustrating

As long as I was breaking things I decided to make a run of getting rid of that really long blogspot address and I think I did it. You should just see in the address bar at the top of your browser. And while I had the hood up I began screwing around with the look and feel of the place to the point I got distracted and bored. Now I have no idea what it looks like as I am typing this from my phone and too lazy to turn on a computer. Plus I have already mentioned that reading my own stuff can sometimes give me full body douche chills and I don’t feel like a case of chicken skin at the moment.

So if you are one of the four dedicated fans who wrote to complain about the site being down I thank you and sorry for the interruptions. I will go back to just writing for a while.

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