This guy needs to get paid. Or, reworded more appropriately… I need to get out and earn. I have complained about this double college year but we have managed to hold on until now. I posted the demolition pictures from Saturday and once a pretty new skin is put over that hole all progress will stop. I was even bent out of shape that the Village is making me plant some bushes in front of the new wall but it was either that or pour a foundation and have a matching brick half wall constructed. Bushes it is then.

Eldest child is moving back home, middle child will be attending summer school, and youngest is too big and too old to share his space with Dad anymore. This all works out to me trying to figure out how to get that thing turned into an office. And so I am going to hit the road in an effort to earn my way out of a hole. The hole isn’t too deep, chest height maybe. Had some unexpected expenses hit after signing the contract and writing the deposit check that would have otherwise delayed construction.  Anyhow, it is with this in mind that brings us to today’s telling.

A call to my cell phone from an insurance agent would not normally be something I would answer but seeing as I reached out to him in an effort to lower some more bills I took the call. Before I could explain what was going on he started in on why the changes I proposed in my email were a bad idea. I tried to interrupt but I was on the phone with a heretofore unknown bulldozer. The more he pushed – the more I tuned out. It had to be a three minute soliloquy and I didn’t notice he was done until he said my name for a second time asking if I was still there.

I said “Okay, don’t change anything…” and he was once again off and running convinced that his earlier filibuster had changed my mind. When he finally finished congratulating me for my decision making and took a breath I got to finish my sentence. “…while you were talking I got a couple quotes online that were much lower than yours and I’ll be switching to one of those companies when I get around to it.” I really enjoyed the silence that followed. So much so that when he tried to ruin it with words I hung up.

In the three hours since this exchange he has tried to call me back twice wondering if we were cut off and sent me an email. I said all I am going to. If I came with an instruction manual it would be thick but easy to understand. This section would be entitled IF TOM IS YOUR CUSTOMER AND HE ASKS YOU A QUESTION. The instructions would then read: 1. answer it. 2. await further questions and or direction. I don’t think I’m oversimplifying things here as this is basic human interacting. This page might also include a warning about attempted hard selling and a resulting severed relationship but that could also be covered in a do’s and dont’s page or under troubleshooting.

I need to give this manual thing some more thought. This could prove very useful.

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