I tried to write something in an impaired state last night but it was way too late and I was not mentally sharp. Closer to the sharpness of a ground down nib of sidewalk chalk. Trying to concentrate on a Hockey game in a room full of people talking about other things turns out to be a drink accelerator. I’m not quite sure if it was me or every time someone left the room they came back with one for the guy locked in to the game but no matter the reason I was over-served.

I find myself struggling this fine morning. I did manage to crack myself up first thing. I woke up not quite undressed for bed clutching a 40oz Diet Coke like a wino guarding his stash. I bought the forty at a truck stop because it was a size that I didn’t know existed and made me happy when I found it. I put it in my minifridge when I checked in and my lizard brain remembered it and tried to hydrate before the complete system shutdown.

I need to buck up and rally because I have a half day of teaching followed by a half day of driving but enough about me. Back to the mysteries out of the windows.

I know you are probably sick of out of window views but I have mentioned before that I spend a lot of time gazing through this glass so tough.
This is a horrible picture of a favorite thing. This olde timey looks like patina covered copper clad bridge is the only one of its kind in the city. (holy crap I must be worse off than I thought after that car crash of a sentence) So I am obsessed with this thing. I want to know what lazy ass rich executive had this built so he didn’t have to take the elevator down over and up to get where he needed to be…..
Okay not that obsessed. I’ve been wondering about the thing for six months or so and one wikipedia search yielded the answer:

It is believed that the world’s first modern skyway was built to connect the two towers. The skyway connects the building’s 17th floor with the adjacent 16-story Merchants Bank Building which is part of the same property. It is the tallest skyway in the Twin Cities. The skyway with six tinted windows was built in 1931 in conjunction of the finishing of the building.

I need to stop now. thoughts not connecting properly…


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