Forgive me reader for I have sinned

It has been a assload of time since my last post. I have a pile of excuses but none of them add up to much as far as someone outside of my life is concerned. I reached a point for the first time in recent memory where things have been coming at me so fast that I didn’t feel like I could properly think. I sat down to write a couple of times only to be overwhelmed and then completely shut down.

I am still in the middle of this cyclone but I am going to try and write over the next few days as a way of calming myself down. But to start that process rolling down a hill I will briefly sum up some of the things going on so I dodge the temptation to write about them every single day.
First up, mom had a brain tumor. Yup, I said had because during my hiatus the peach sized growth was extracted from her skull. This is her ordeal and I am honoring her total communication blackout because there are around three of you who know how to find this stuff. Plus I will be giving no further details thus dodging any potential trouble that would result in a random discovery. Needless to say but I will anyway, this had me a little twisted.

Next my wife decided to go back to grad school. This is a great thing but there are factors that have completely changes the lives of my entire household. Again, I’m not going to get much deeper other than a partial statement about being uncomfortable in my own home.

And if that weren’t enough we have a child in some trouble. Not with the law or anything like that. More trouble with herself. Mental illness is a muthafukka and when its attacking your kid it leaves marks on you. None of this stuff isn’t out of the ordinary and people deal with all of it and worse every day. It is just the perfect storm I now find myself navigating and it is what it is.
Whoever said you are only given what you can handle or are never given more than you can handle was an asshole. Plenty of people have been dealt hands that have completely broken them in mind, body, and or spirit. I think you are given what you are given and you get through as best you can. Everything else is Monday morning quarterbacking.

And so ends the self pitiful whining for today. Hopefully back to regular writing soon.

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