Hello world!

I love the title of this generic WordPress first post. So much hope… Almost as if the entire internet was just waiting for me to start typing. Anyway, if you somehow landed here you can plainly see that this isn’t my first post so I had to change this text to explain this mess is that is even possible.

I did this for a while and what you now see is a restored backup of my original site(s). (the “s” is because this was a lot of things in a lot of places over the years not just one long single thread) I shuttered stupidtom.com a while back but then I decided it was time to dust it off and see where it takes me. You might have noticed that none of the pictures showed up. I screwed something up in the backup process so now I will be going back and deleting anything that doesn’t make sense without the visual element.

Another quick side note, if you look at the temporary URL I couldn’t have picked a better host for this thing. The good people at fatcow should be rewarded for their name alone.

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