So it looks like I have something to shoot for and that is good old fashioned fat and lazy. A woman on my flight was wheeled up to the gate by a big beeping trolley. She was then transferred to a wheel chair where she got to board even before the elusive Global Services snobs. Then, when if finally boarded the plane, she was seated in my row. Luckily nobody had to squeeze in between us as that would have been an uncomfortable sweaty ride.

I was truly concerned about her apparent health condition and she was more than willing to share. What I thought was some kind of debilitating disease turned out to be a case of the tireds. I got a little confused by the answer so I asked her to repeat.

“I just get so tired walking around that I can’t catch my breath”

How did you get the wheel chair? I asked.

“oh I just axed for it when I checked in.”

Did they need a doctors note or any kind of proof that you were in need?

“Nope. Whudda you mean by proof? I GET TIRED.”

Sorry, and touche. I am the idiot in this story. I had no idea that you could just be enormous and tired and get special treatment. I also think she might be working on an insulating polymer for the government. When she extracted herself from her seat the sides of her legs retained the indentations from the arms of the seat. Like human memory foam. It was stunning to behold.

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