The Gap

As I finish kicking the tires on this silent relaunch of my stupidsite I fell as if I should address the gap or gaps in written material. This thing has writing going back to 2001 but I was actually writing on the internet before those posts. Earlier my stuff was done on my own janky website. Back in the early days of the internet providers offered you a tiny amount of web real estate and the ability to put up a personal web page. I was one of the few dorks who took them up on their insanely difficult process.

The things I remember from those prehistoric days of was how terrible the writing was (resist the urge to tell me nothing has changed) and how visually nauseating the appearance. Every time I learned how to do something new I added it to my site. Flashing colors, flying letters, rotating logos, I did it all. I think at one point I was in danger of triggering an epileptic seizure and I don’t even suffer from that disease.

Once I tired of doing it all myself I bounced around to every service and provider available over the years. I wont bore you with the trail but it meant that I moved this a lot and lost tons of content in the multiple moves. I was also never great a conscientious backups so things went away there as well. Then you might notice if you dig deep enough that none of my pictures are here. Again I failed to figure out how to save the hundreds of pictures embedded in posts so that is super awesome.

So the gaps are just missing pieces in the record of my internet content. Like a cave painting warn away in spots by time it is incomplete and maybe doesn’t make much sense. But it is all I have left of stupidtom throughout the years so we will all just have to deal with that fact.

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