I am writing this right now to almost no one and that is by design. Things got a bit bumpy in my life and it was time to stop for a while. That coincided with some readers who were annoying me and some other fun factors that I wont bore you with here. So I did me some reading and found out how long I would have to take things down before people left me for dead (metaphorical writing sense not side of the road rotting corpse) and went away. It turns out the internets were right about this one. I’m averaging about two hits per day and one of those is a persistent spam robot me thinks.

I haven’t really told anyone that this is back up and I think I’ll keep it that way for a while. Not sure what it is but something about writing for an empty room that appeals to me. At some point I will connect it back up to the twitter and maybe Google will find me again but for now the quiet is nice. I found some of my old pictures and I think I can plug a bunch of them in to old posts but that will take time. I have the site in a weird pdf book form that captured most of the pictures but there is no easy way to translate that back to this thing.

A quick note as to how I ended up self hosting. I had everything moved over to the Google mother-ship and I do mean everything. But then some things on the site got glitchy. So I asked for help but got none. No matter how many times I tried or how long I waited. Then I started to worry that I was going to lose the name and that is the one thing I wont give up. I know its strange but makes me smile. Maybe its the years I’ve had it or the things I’ve learned writing it I’m not sure. But I do so love me the name.

As I began to look for a domain name provider to switch to away from Google. (Holy crapcakes that was a doozy of a sentence!) I came across an add in my mail from my old friends at fatcow. They were offering site hosting for an extremely reasonable dollar per month so for twelve whole bucks I switched and here we sit.

Please resist the urge to tell me this is a one year loss leader price. I understand. But you need to remember that this was dead and I didnt want to put it anywhere I didn’t control. I was writing at Medium for a while but that whole system gives them total control almost like they own your stuff. I never felt good writing there. That’s enough bore for today. I’ll attempt to regain the funny tomorrow.

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