Black Wednesday

This year’s Black Wednesday is going to be a little different for me. In years past my friends and I have trudged over to a local watering hole with an insane late night liquor license to welcome yet another Thanksgiving Day with a hangover. The numbers have been dwindling for the past few years so we have decided to switch it up and tonight we will be playing poker. This doesn’t really mean that any less alcohol will be consumed but it does take away some of the moving parts. For one thing it is a closer stumble down the magic path in front of my house. For another I think I am still recovering from New Orleans.

I didn’t really talk about my final night in that town and most of the details are classified but overall it was an incredible experience. Watched a lot of live music and drank the entire spectrum of available liquor as we played Captain my Captain. This is basically a game where the Captain calls the next bar and orders the first round of drinks, usually the specialty of  the house.  If the bar and or the music was especially good more rounds were consumed until another Captain took control.

The game began a little before five and somewhere around midnight one of my companions began to incoherently wander off. I took it upon myself to get him home safely and I knew I had an ungodly early wake-up call. I got to bed somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 with a 4:15 alarm on the phone. My entire trip home is a blotchy pile of memories.

I remember showering to try and sober up but I’m pretty sure I slept in there for a while.

The next thing I remember I was riding in the cab to the airport and the cabbie kept asking if I was tired…

Security was a blur but I distinctly remember sitting right next to the gate hoping that the other people would wake me up if I slipped into a coma.

I boarded the plane with the alarm still going off in my pocket as the stewardess informed me while I walked past. The live music damaged the hearing in my left ear.

I woke up at some point during the flight because someone extracted all of the liquids from my mouth and it was sealed shut.

No real idea how I got my bag or called the cab but I do remember a life giving sausage mcmuffin with egg and a large Diet Coke.

I was a luke warm mess all day Saturday and didn’t even mind the extra hours commute home due to the snow storm.

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