Somewhere on this mess it must mention my email address which is stupidtom at G mail dot com (I hate having to write out an email address in that cryptic way but the spambots are real. Anywhere they encounter an active mailbox trouble soon follows and aint nobody got time for that) as I received my first question to the old inbox. Since I don’t recognize the address I will assume this person stumbled upon the stupid and has no idea what’s happening here. I admire the fact that they looked past the awful mustache in the last post and asked why I got rid of my phone.

Dear reader who just wanted a quick answer and now finds themselves (crap, not sure if that is right) part of a post because I have nothing better to write about,


I loved my Galaxy Note 4 and would still have it today were it not for my family’s addiction to all things Apple. If almost everyone you want to communicate with is on the other side of the smartphone fence it really gets annoying. So I switched back to Apple. An iPhone 6s Plus to be exact. I really like it, big form factor that is to scale for me and the battery life is incredible. I miss the S-Pen for screwing around and doodling to pass the time as well as the ability to customize Android.


The customization was a double edged sword for me. I spent more time working on the look and feel, screwing with themes, icons, and widgets, than I did actually using the dam thing but that is a personal quirk. I was always aiming for the “perfect setup.” Never happened.


I need to thank you as well dear reader and not only because you are one of the now one of the only 3 people that are reading this mess but you were a big help in other areas. While searching for my official Apple break-up note* from a couple years ago (which is gone for good I’m afraid) I found a weird thing with the import of the old content. For some reason random double f’s and some fi’s were deleted. The word off has taken a real bearing on these pages. So if you are reading through old stuff and it makes less sense than usual try mentally inserting missing letters because there is no way I’m going back in and fixing that mess.


You also made me realize that the old email address that I used to post for this page is broken. I will be working on fixing that in the near future. Okay, that was a lot of boring for one day but I hope it answered your question.

*Update: Found and posted said same note here


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