surprise party last night has put me on tilt today

Not sure what is happening but I am having big troubles righting myself. I was not as over-served as I was the previous Wednesday but somehow this feels worse. I have been an errand running mutha effer and even keeping busy has not cleared my head. Might be coming down with something which would be super duper as I stare down the barrel of another long travel block before the holidays.

I was going over my list of things to do tomorrow and along with all of the work related stuff I need to call and ream out the cable company. I am not sure what the major malfunction is but we cant seem to get anyone’s latest and greatest technology to work well for us. The satellite companies have trouble with our trees and the days you most want to watch TV like say during a storm… The picture always seems to get wonky.

Then the U-Verse doesn’t have a strong enough signal to our house so everything pixelates all the time making for an overall frustrating experience. Our current provider WOW! (that is the douchey way they named their company. Wide Open West exclamation point) has only been here for two short months but has delivered consistent disappointment. Their “Ultra TV” has given us nothing but trouble from shite internet speed and reliability to spotty cable service. We had an informal family meeting on the crap and it was decided that this house is going to go down to basic service.

The kids all watch Netflix or YouTube and Liza doesn’t care for anything but Law and Order which I think I can get her with the lowest possible service. We are even going to drop the DVR because all binge watching happens through an internet connection. I can even sign up for some more of the online content for all to share as the cable cost will be next to nothing. Why this extreme move you might ask? (I never know if there is supposed to be a question mark after writing a sentence like that)

There was a problem with the cable and after almost two hours on the phone with carious technicians and tech support it was determined that I have a bad gateway. The next available appointment was this upcoming Tuesday. 6 days of imperfect service and have a convenient 6 hour appointment window. It was all too much. So tomorrow I will see what they are willing to do for me and if its not enough it will be time to shop for something new. The people who figure out how to deliver cable over the internet without proprietary boxes and a bunch of bullshit will rule the entertainment world. One wire and your TV remote.


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