Monday to the nuts

Holy crap I have taken a Monday shot and I am not that far in. I have no idea what else awaits me on this seemingly doomed first day of the week but after this morning I am numb. I write this during my lunch break as a way to reset what has happened and not really to tell the tale. I will sum up by saying that my household is in an uproar. Wait, wrong phrase, it should be called a sulkroar but after typing that I feel worse than I did just seconds ago. (hold please while my mind runs down the possibilities of uproar and its meaning as it potentially relates to lions)

Lets just say that whole happy wife happy life thing is true but I would like to add a codicil to that which goes something like “and if you can do nothing to immediately fix the situation buckle up cause its about to get bumpy.” Then I had the pleasure of a business call with someone who has a personal life threatening to drag them under as well. If I am circling the drain this individual is all the way out of the house through the mainline and headed toward the sewage treatment plant. And like a dummy I let him make my day worse.

Some people want to make you feel bad so that they can raise their spirits. I meet these folks quite a bit and I usually get a kick out of not letting them win. In fact I take it as a personal failure if I am defeated in this arena and today that is the case. So having a shite morning already and needing to reset, I sometimes turn to quotes. As a guy who loves to read I am a big fan of quotes. I sometimes read them to over-analyze and other times to figure out where the thing was pulled from looking for context. The one that stuck out today was:

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn.”
~ Helen Keller

How in the hell did she figure that out? She had to be a lifetime turn fail holder given her near total sensory deprivation. She was a better person that I will eve be because saddled with her laundry list of disabilities I would be the crankiest human Rumba the planet has ever witnessed. Rumba without the ability to memorize things and not bump into them again.

And now back to my regularly scheduled Monday.

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