Delays and then a change of planes put me in a middle seat for the ride to Florida. The lady on the aisle needed wheel chair assistance as did her husband on the other side of the row. The waif of a little boy that had the window seat would have been a much better middle choice but it wasn’t his fault that United is a sack of assholes.

Then once I finally got here they lost my car reservation. 45 minutes later it was all squared away and I had an “upgrade” to a Maxima. Not really worth the time spent but it has twenty two miles on it and I am driving it like the rented mule it is. Got a great series of smells coming from the engine and brakes. There is a lot to be said for the healing properties of extreme aggressive driving.

I had a bunch of time to look through my phone and stumbled across this gem from Pete’s 50th on Saturday. He crammed a tiny football helmet on his head that he won in a charity auction.

So many great things going on in this shot. The drinking game around his neck was a nice twist on the evening. I need to go do some donuts in the parking lot before bed.

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