in shaving related news

I also posted a link to 20% off of my favorite razors and blades. Favorite because I am a cheap ass on a number of fronts most notably cars, fashion, and personal grooming. So much so that upon falling in love with the Dollar Shave Club guy and his ads I immediately searched out his razor supplier and it turned out to be a tragically named company Dorco.

I have a ton of razors by these people and you cant beat the quality for the price. They run specials all the time but I got one in the email that let me share the link with my friends. Since there are a half a dozen of you reading this now I figure I should share the wealth. Here is the link if I haven’t figured out how to sneak it in before

You have to use it by December 31, 2015 (a certain someones birthday I might add) so don’t be a dorco. trust me on this one. Buying razors is an expensive annoying nut flick.

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