Shitty Hotel Wifi

I fell victim to ridiculous hotel internet access. I don’t understand why hotel chains can’t figure out how to deliver reliable high speed wireless internet. The one that finally figures it out will win my business. I fully realize that my patronage will not make nor break any hotelier but my frustration is not isolated. Everyone I know who travels for a living bitches about the spotty internet service and its hopping on my last nerve.

I will get off of this soap box in a minute partially because I have no idea how standing on flimsy cardboard and cellophane could function as any kind of stage and otherly (I know, shut the eff up! I’ve had a tough week) because I understand my first world travel problems make for terrible reading. I am writing about this here as I just found out that two posts I thought I plopped down from my room didnt land. So along with not being able to connect to my office servers the shite service sent two posts into the great void.

Luckily you didnt miss much. One was just me complaining about my hotel that was really like a giant motel. The first floor and elevator were sealed off and air conditioned but the walk to and from the room was outsideish in the Florida humidity. It was described as a true open air atrium which meant that there was a roof but the sides were open to the elements. This made for a sweatytom heading to and from work every day. I took a picture of the elevator area all fogged over in the morning. I have checked that off as an experience not to be repeated.

The other post was about the pack of feral cats dining on all of the little critters that live in that soggy state. We are headed into the season where I wonder why I live where I do but there is something to be said for cold and its ability to hinder insect growth. I stepped on a cockroach and the noise took me back to my childhood pastime of breaking Christmas bulbs. But before I had time to wander down memory lane I slipped on the roach guts and tweaked a groin muscle. good times.

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