I am plagued by some pretty strange personal rules. One of the worst is about customer service personnel and the use of pet names like “Honey.” The rule is that I will let a single instance from an individual pass as anyone can mess up. More than one instance is now an established pattern that I take as a personal challenge. Today I came across a heinous offender.

“Is that it Hun?” There is your freebie but now I’m paying attention. “Here you go Dear.”

Well thanks, Lovey.

“Have a great day Hun.”

You too Sugar Britches. It sure has been a hoot time traveling with you.

This got no reaction from her but the dude behind me in line was having trouble looking at me. Knowing he was both entertained and a little embarrassed I let him with a You have a good day as well Sweetie.

Rules must be followed and they are nothing without consequences. Some days its difficult being me.

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