whole bunch of nuthin

Today finds my mind wandering all over the road. It was while driving in fact that the first bug crawled up my hind end. I saw not one but two HAM radio aficionados as identified by their special license plates. My first question is why one would need a special plate that advertises your hobby. Kind of makes me want a stupidtom.com tag. Wait, I forgot, I’m not really keen on folks knowing about this thing especially those who might judge or interpret it as anything but the nonsense it is. Strike that earlier thought.

But seriously I have no idea why they have to have their handle on their car. Maybe it is a way of apologizing for the giant whip antennas attached to their vehicles. It could be a way for the government to keep tabs on these geeks. Hard to control the message when any Radio Shack club member can have a world wide communication device outside of any control. Sadly this will help our eventual Chinese overlords to quickly shut down the resistance.

I admire these folks and the other thing I thought about today was recruiting one of them just in case things go upside down. Right now between my family and friends I am confident that we can secure and defend the small island where our lake house sits. 14 other dwellings to secure and one bridge. The channel is swim-able but if we have to we could burn everything on the other side to increase the line of sight and defensive perimeter. Cant get too deep into the plans because they vary from apocalypse to apocalypse but there are some benefits to my particular brand of crazy.

I need to run now as my middle child’s brand new iPhone was stolen from a restaurant and I need to start hopping through hoops. Its a wonderful world.

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