As a natural pessimist I am more than a little miffed natural talents are greatly under appreciated. Just because my talent lies in looking toward the dark side doesn’t mean it is any less valuable. At work I am paid for an upbeat positive vibe and for me to be great it needs to be infectious. If I don’t say so myself I do a pretty good job. (Wait, I did just say it myself so maybe I used that wrong…) but I need to tell you it can be exhausting.

Take today for instance (really unsure as to what punctuation goes here) I am under the weather worse than I have been in a long while. Had an early appointment with one of the kids doctors and then drove six hours to scenic St. Paul. You can imagine my mood declining as I spoke with people during the drive but once again I am paid for my attitude so I had to suck it up and soldier on. Last call of the day finished up in my hotel room. The person on the other end of the phone hates her job so talking to me in a forced attempt to improve her is met with Herculean resistance.

By the end of the call my inner monologue was interjecting the word quit between everything either of us said. I think my brain was attempting to Jedi mind control her. So many times during the conversation I wanted to take her screaming into the abyss. Part of the reason she was so comfortable in her downer role is she knew I would always try and talk her out of it. At one particularly low point I was tempted to start talking about all of the recent terror attacks and how the only real safe place is at home alone. I even started to think about careers she could accomplish from her apartment bunker.

I snapped out of it and ended the conversation cleanly from her point of view but I spent the following twenty minutes thinking of ways to completely depress her. Thankfully that cheered me up. Now I can hopefully catch me some bad local early news. I wish cable companies would let me chose a secondary location just for news. Sweet Jesus the entire set is decorated for Christmas. Gotta go.

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