This global warming thing is screwing with more than just the normal weather patterns. The homeless population here in the twin cities has been force to make the cold weather switch and 45 degree weather is killing them. If you are hearty/crazy enough to be homeless this close to the North Pole you have some pretty solid survival systems in place.

The pinnacle of the craft is the ability to stay warm. During the day there is a handy heated habitrail system but at night you have to hit the streets and that means personal shelter. Layers upon layers gathered over time and once the snow flies you need to already be suited up. So when freakish warmth follows the first snowstorm of the year you are stuck walking around fully insulated.

I walked behind a small pack today and the scent had a texture and a taste. Not their fault but an olfactory karate chop none the less. Three of the four were wearing snowmobile suits with he tops unzipped and hanging around their waists like an olde timey hoop skirt. They looked like three human bells banging in to each other as they walked silently ringing in the holidays.

Silently was wrong as the combined whooshing noises were deafening. Please don’t take this as a shot against th majestic survivors. I think we need to take a peek at this weather thing before we screw up more than just delicious animals and their habitat.

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