Riding the storm out

This trip has gone tits up and I need to just tough the rest of it out. Methinks that phrase may offend but one one shite was given by yours truly. You see along with the Sunday travel and a five day trip I’ve managed to crack a tooth. One of the back ones that has a deep relationship with my jaw.

The pain comes and goes in nauseating waves. It’s just me on this visit do there is no one to tap in. At one point during lunch I chewed wrong on a piece of pizza and had to walk outside to hide my tears. No joke been a long time pain cry. As long as I was acting like a three year old I tried to piss my pants but that department was dry. Probably due to the fact that liquids feel like a needle to the skull.

I type this to you now because the jackass across the hall forgot he couldn’t smoke in his room and set off the fire alarm. Tooth ache fueled headache that is strong enough to fight through a fist full of ibuprofen doesn’t like the shrill siren. Might me sick on top of it all as I’m wearing a winter coat with the heat on. This is a true test.

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