Check please

I am so mad at this entire trip that if it had one I would punch it square in the face. I returned my rental car early in an effort to catch an earlier flight only to find that someone hit the cars backside but good. Fanfuckingtastic. This tooth hurts so bad I’m considering a self extraction.

The only thing holding me back on that course of action is the general way my luck has been running this trip. There are funny ways I wouldn’t mind being found dead but in a hotel bathroom clutching a brand new set of plyers containing bits of crushed gum ant tooth does not make the list. 

Just missed the first early option home as all planes are overbooked these days. If I miss the next I will give up for the night and take my pre scheduled butt crack of dawn flight. There are a number of fine hotels that I’m staring at out the window right now. Thankfully I am done with travel for 2015.

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