This day turned itself around a bit when I got bumped up to the front of the bus on this morning’s flight. Awesome as the free booze helped keep the tooth pain at bay but the pressure on the plane still brought some discomfort. I slowed down my drinking before the nurse could cut me off. Nothing says functioning alcoholic quite like early morning vodka. Even in the guise of a Bloody Mary (WOW the rare triple. I just wrote three things that made me pause. Not quite sure I used guise correctly and the words bloody and Mary. Who in the hell named that drink? Is it supposed to be a Bloody Merry? not as overtly offensive but a puzzle none the less) I wasn’t fooling anyone.

I did think about tying a bandage around my complete head to indicate tooth pain like in a silent movie but then I remembered the caliber of the current TSA employee pool and the heightened sense off awareness and decided against it. Its not quite time for my annual complete body cavity and polyp search.

Final trip side note. My next door first class seat mate was a dick. He was hitting on the poor nurse as she was trying to serve us our breakfast and started to get miffed when it wasn’t working. Sore tooth or not if she would have served me a couple more BM’s (oh great, that’s much better…) things would have become bumpy and I’m not talking about the turbulence. I couldn’t help but remind him that even in first class we take turns and wait for the people in front of us to gather their things and leave their seats. Trying to push past is a dick move of the first order.

A scowl was all he could muster after watching me drink the entire flight and knowing he was roughly half my size. Plus the jaw pain gives me an almost constant edge that isn’t usually present. A bit of a dick myself right now come to think of it…

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