Merry Christmas to all

I grabbed this iPad as I am the first one up but I had to take an electronic turn as I realized what day it is. Christmas morning is a great day but one that should be avoided from a social media standpoint at all costs. Today is where most people engage in a perfect holiday whip-it-out. If this is you I am in now way condemning your behavior I just can’t take it everywhere I look.

I would love the ability to scroll around a picture and see the kids fighting over seats or the pile of shoes by the door just out of frame. I like the messy side. The little skirmishes. The getting along through the pressure of desired perfection. I don’t know why we all strive for something that doesn’t exist. I would bet the people in those Norman Rockwell paintings had a fist fight once the posing was complete.

Everyone has shit and I think we need to stop pretending like there’s nothing going on in our lives. And I’m not talking about posting every bump in the road. I have online friends who do just that and it feels like a cry for sympathy. But maybe if we weren’t so afraid of the mess everyone would understand that we’re all just doing the best we can. Here is my right now existence.
Sitting alone by the electronic fire waiting for our day to begin. Holy crap I need to do something about those cords inside the hutch or whatever the hell you call my TV holder. And he Pledge is a nice decorator touch. And there is that missing gift hiding under the table. I need to wake people up because I’m putting myself to sleep. Merry Christmas to all and embrace the crazy shit going on in your life. It will NEVER be perfect.

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