Need a better name

The timing of this years holidays are spectacular. This four day weekend thing was nicely done and in a mere three days we get to wash rinse repeat. I realize that I am stating the obvious and some of you might have to work during this block and for that I am very sorry. With all this time off my mind has had plenty of time to wander and I began playing a new game. The temporary working name is Stupidtom’s Humble Brag Gift Showoff Buzz Kill. (I know it needs work but the name isn’t the best part)

The game is simple, when you see someone bragging about something they just acquired you think up the best way to throw a cold bucket of words on their brag. I’ll give you an example. Yeti coolers are some of the best beer tenders on the planet and they have moved into the personal cup space. They make a stainless steel vacuum sealed insulated drink storage system in 20 and 30oz sizes. A number of people I know got them for the holidays and they all act like they discovered and now own the holy grail.

I should also tell you in all fairness that I covet these things and would love one but they sold out long before the holidays and the going price is double what they want on the website. Amazon is selling them for $80 and one of the people with whom I’m connected on the internet actually bragged about owning an eighty dollar cup. My immediate response and in accordance with the afore mentioned game I began to type my comment.

“Because ice costs so much in this country we need to make it last. Another precious resource saved.”

See how the game works? Pretty simple right… The only thing is you don’t really post the comments as you could quickly expose your salty side to people who have been fooled into thinking you are an upright citizen. Anyway, this year I have attacked three cars, two new computers, and a host of pets and manjewelry. There is another aspect to the game but I am still working on formal rules. It involves writing a backstory for perfectly posed holiday pictures. I’m thinking about scenario cards to kickstart the creative process for those who might struggle. Like: Someone in this picture has a substance abuse problem and someone else experimented with their pinky and a cat’s anus.

I need to get back to work, the weekend is coming to a close.

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