A day 

I am currently being trained on the line and it is a lucky stroke that I have no access to an ice pick lest I gain immediate immersion in the Helen Keller experience. First up in my review is the length. This the final episode of a trilogy and each session is a pre planned three hours. Yes you read that right, nine total hours of learning online software tools. The thought process behind this grueling schedule is baffling. Who in the hell learns this way? Not this guy as is illustrated by my typing here while she works through some technical difficulties.

It seems that she is on vacation (I’m reading between the lines of “I’m not on my normal machine”) and didn’t have everything setup properly before we began. It’s like being on a mid evil torture rack and the head guy asks you to hold on for a second while one of the stretching mules blows diarrhea all over the place. Unpleasantness stacked upon unpleasantness. We are taking a break and now she is frantically attempting to correct all problems while everyone runs to the bathroom.

I hang out on breaks because that’s where the funny happens. During the first training someone on break was making a doctors appointment. Giving personal information and even talking about benefits possibly changing. Our company benefits are NOT changing so basically this idiot telegraphed a potential job change over a current employer training. Priceless. I don’t really like that individual so it’s a good riddance to bad rubbish situation.

Someone else shifted in to full on eating mode. They must have a cold because all chewing was open mouthed with random gasps for air thrown in as added bonuses. Others talk to those around them but nothing good so far. My final thought in this mini review is we are missing how and why we would ever use this system. From what I can tell this is some neat new stuff that is available to the company after a technology switch but no one is saying how it will make what we do now easier or better. The trainer doesn’t really get us either so that makes for a bunch of participants just doing their time to check this off of their list.

I need to get back now because her measure of our interest and attention are these little follow along exercises and I am not repeating this class due to lack of perceived participation. Root canal part two this afternoon. Literally not more of this training so I am having a banner day.

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