I have got to start taking more pictures

These posts are so much easier if you are explaining a photograph of some kind. Wait, I’m not sure the word photograph still has any relevance. I have no idea what the definition is and I am not jumping away from this to look  it up or else I will get sidetracked and end up buying something online that I don’t really need. It just seems like the word should only apply to real cameras not an add on feature used to sell me a talking pocket computer. Anyway, I should use the dam phone camera more is what I’m saying.

This week begins the 2016 travel schedule and I have vowed to do a little less. Right now that looks like complete bullshit as the first two months are already half booked but I am really going to make an effort. The money is nice but its not solving any problems. I just have to buck up and realize that things are going to suck for a while. Life is ups and downs to be cliche about it and right now I find myself with a kink in my neck from trying to look up.

I am not a resolution person mostly because everyone else does them at this time of the year and they usually fail miserably. I am however a list lover and so for a change this year I am making a big list of things I would like to accomplish. Things that can be accomplished and scratched off when complete. A lot of these are personal to both myself and my family so I am not going to post those here. But the other crap I will write out as a way to make it more real.

This is in no particular order or rank and kind of how it popped into my beer fueled head a couple of days ago.

  • Drink less Diet Coke. I have a problem with this poison and it is now time to address the issue.
  • Get serious about money matters. Our financial situation has shifted for the worse temporarily and I need to get out in front of it.
  • Find another car. The two new drivers in my household are going to share the swagger wagon for a while which leaves me without wheels.
  • Take a class. I really need to expand my horizons a bit and the wife heading back to school has fanned that flame. Nothing crazy just learn something new. Probably online as I need more tuition like a hole in the head.
  • Get rid of as much shit around this house as possible. Two girls moving back home has turned my once beautiful garage into a self storage facility. Enough already.

That is all of the list that’s fit to print. I will attempt to return to the funny as I hit the road this week. It looks like I have bored someone away as my high reader count of 10 per day has dropped to 9. A 10% decline in readership will mean some cutbacks at stupidtom.com

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