New Year New Look

I am completely full of crap with this title. yes I did change things around but only because I was surfing around on my phone and cleaning up my mobile bookmarks. When I went to load this nonsense that picture on the top took longer than I can tolerate to load so I stripped it out. Yup, I’ve always felt that the whole throw the baby out with the bathwater thing sounded like a great way to lighten the load of responsibility but that’s just me.

This change is also brought to you by some sites I read where so much crap loads up that you never get to the article. It makes me crazy(er) and the worst offenders are the online newspapers. I tried subscribing to the digital edition of a local paper on my Dad’s recommendation but the interface was supremely frustrating. The way I read everything else on the internet did not apply to this as it was some weird custom software interface. The space bar didn’t take me down a page at a time and then the mouse wheel or track pad scrolling wouldn’t work. I had to turn the pages by grabbing a corner of the page and dragging it from right to left. That annoying trend will never catch on nor will I pay monthly to be aggravated when I get all I want at home for free.

I also have no delusions about this site. Since I am not selling anything and length of stay means little to me you should be able to stop by and quickly read what was written then get along with the rest of your day. I have some favorites that are trying to copy the YouTube model and post article thumbnails that force you to click through to read the entire thought. This turns one click into two and makes Google think you have better more ad worthy content. Annoying enough to make me go away from some of them for good.

And while I’m talking about YouTube I have been seriously considering attempting some video content. I would post it here but through YouTube. Not to get famous or anything but I think it would be fun. Just an idea right now but intriguing none the less. I have a pile of notes but nothing speaks to me yet except an idea for a panel show from guys weekend at midnight each evening. Trying to make this idea a reality this year is a goal. Anyway, changing the theme and writhing this slice of boredom is enough for one day.

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