Your pen Sir

I did pretty good this holiday and my pen knight is statuesque proof. Albert Einstein paper clip holder is pretty sweet as well. This might seem like the brag it is but I’ve been staring at these things for a couple weeks and they make me smile. Besides I’m twisted up about a two week road trip and writing is the last thing I want to do right now.

The knight came with some cheap pen (no gift givers were harmed in the writing of this post as none of them read it) that I replaced with my old trusty machined aluminum Karas Kustoms pen. It is by far my favorite writing instrument. It goes everywhere with me and has had its ass kicked but I still love the thing. I think I like it so much because no one knows what it is but a badass hunk of metal. 

Fun fact, every flight I take I slide it into my pocket. If I ever get into a need a shiv in flight situation I am covered. Repeated stabbing will be no problem at all and although untested I know it will keep on writing once the Feds give it back to me. That’s assuming I’m not convicted and locked up. If that happens no way will they let me keep the murder weapon on me during my incarceration.

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