New level of travel Hell

I just flew all the way to Los Angeles next to a dude drenched in cologne. Having never really worn the stuff myself I don’t get the appeal but I get that some folks want to smell good. As the father of one and driver of many fifteen year old boys I am fully versed in overuse. But my seat mate took things to a whole new level.

I’m sure this stench is expensive because he is dressed for success. His suit cost more than my entire wardrobe and he told the guy on the isle that he was supposed to be in first class but his flight got bumped and he needed to get back today. He smell made me dizzy and nauseous. At one point I was breathing through my nose but it didn’t help. Hours later and I still feel like shit. I showered to try and get rid of it but even water up my nose didn’t help.

I said nothing because it wouldn’t have done any good. I have been defeated by stink. And then I get into my room and find this

There’s a giant dude staring at me from behind some fake Egyptian mall type thing. Where in the hell am I?

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