Nothing says stress free travel like a bomb scare at LAX on a Friday. I already hate the traffic out here and as I was rushing to try and catch an earlier flight traffic came to a dead stop. We were a half mile from the airport and folks began to lose their collective shit. Some were honking as if no one else was moving due to a herd of goats in the road that just needed a little audio prompting to move along. Idiots.

Others who cut it to close for comfort demanded that their shuttle drivers let them out and give hem their bags so they could hoof it and catch their flight. Once we started moving we passed the sweaty mass who were all being held in place by LAPD. It turns out that they don’t let anyone either in a car or on foot move toward a potential explosion. Who knew?

Then the security line was, well, how should I describe it… A muthafucker. Fully half of the people around me were trying to beg themselves toward the gate. But another fun fact: just after a bomb scare the TSA is in no mood to deliver customer service. In fact they became down right unfriendly. Now I’m sitting in the united club with hours to kill. The temptation is to drink my face off but my spider sense says that might not be the best idea given the current security climate. Air travel rules.

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