This year begins a bit bumpy

Back Friday night at 1:30am from California and I’m now packing as many layers as possible. This week I’m heading for the first time to Saskatoon Saskatchewan for a week of fun in the sun. Er, bitter cold. Either way it should be an adventure. No direct flights from here so a day of air travel should have me wound tight enough to upset even the nicest Canadian. I am deep inside of my own head right now because I don’t feel properly recharged and I wont be lashing out on purpose but that second plane looks uncomfortable. I’m staring down the barrel of a thirteen hour travel day from my front door to the hotel so me being a pisser isn’t really in doubt. Woe is me. [slaps himself in the face for getting to work at a job that he loves. enough already]

I am mentally knotted up at the moment and the travel is only one small part of the problem. I have got to figure out how to get right and soon. Stuff is attempting to come in from all sides and everyone around here has a load of their own already. I really shouldn’t have opened the mail until I got back next week. Certified mail from the IRS is never good news and a rental car company trying to charge me for damage that I did not  commit are the icing on my current bowel movement cake. I dont much like being around me at the moment and I’m trapped.

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