Sorry Traveler

I am the sorry traveler as I am enduring an almost four hour layover in scenic Calgary Alberta Canada. I say sorry because I’ve heard the word more here in the last hour than in my entire life. Everyone here is so stinking nice. I thought I found a dick Canadian but he turned out to be from the states as well.

He and I walked into the bathroom together and as I was headed for the urinals he turned toward the stalls for some serious business. As he made the turn he was cut off by a dude in a wheel chair and mumbled “shit” way too loud. I thought it was the presence of a handicapped person and he was a jerk until I realized that it was the legitimate heir to the throne.

The handicapped stall is the executive lounge of public shitters and he was about to lose out to someone who really needs it. I think he got off easy because leaving said same stall after doing work to find a dude in a wheelchair waiting for you would suck.

I’ve got to go as I just got an “overseas” data warning. Sorry

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