Piles of thoughts

Yesterday turned into a complete shitshow. When I landed in Calgary the border patrol computers were down and we were all stuck for two hours standing in line. Normally docile Canadians were completely losing their minds. This is the time of year where our neighbors to the north go on holiday because it’s cheaper and their money isn’t worth much. So everyone around me had a quicker connection to make.

To add fuel to the anxiety fire there was a strict no electronic devices policy. The phone had to be completely turned off and if you didn’t comply you were pulled out of line and taken for a time out. One dude never came back so I mentioned to the American next to me that he was probably being syrup boarded. Delayed big laugh…

Four people around me missed their flights while we waited. I was only troubled by my inability to play on my pocket computer. About an hour in everyone in a booth was handed a new DVD to plug in to their machine and a printed sheet of what I assumed were instructions. Super high tech and no backup plan. A power outage will halt the flow across the Canadian border.

This had me thinking that we should just take over Canada and Mexico. Make one big country and let people move and chose their lifestyle. Head to Canada if you want to give socialism light a try. The US would remain relatively the same and Mexico would be like the old west. The resorts along the shoreline and big cities would remain lawful and civilized but the rest of the country would be up for grabs.

You could head down there and stake your claim. Everything would have to be self sustained and off grid because a grid will not be provided. You should also be prepared to defend yourself and your stuff as law enforcement would be more of a militia situation. The American army would only step in if someone becomes too powerful. 

Just me thinkin but we could do some powerful things. Turn Mexico into a manufacturing competitor of China, Canada has a bunch of resources buried under the tundra. Then when someone finally invents a protective force field it makes everything that much easier.

Note to future force field scientists: make sure it filters pollutants and radiation along with selective matter. Once we pull our troops back to fortify the bubble all hell is going to break loose. We should be ready for that. Just sayin

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