More than a feeling

When you take up as much space in the world as I do this is NOT the aircraft you want pulling up to your gate. This thing was a pisser. I had my usual window seat which normally lets me lean against the wall and rest but on this bird it meant bending myself into a sideways C.

I was so crippled from this flight that the two hours waiting in customs was a welcome spinal distraction. In fact by the time I made it through I felt like a hundred dollars. That was until I packed on to a jet not much bigger for the second leg. Then as luck would have it my loves seat partner was a big and tall fella as well.

So crammed were we that watching iPads was a challenge. I got tired of holding my passport so I tucked it in to the seat pocket where it still lives today as far as I know. When my new friend got dealt another body blow by the elf seated in front of him going into full recline I typed “justifiable homicide” and he laughed.

I could not get off that plane fast enough hence the lost identification. I’ve been on the phone with the airline all day as unpacking this morning revealed my stupidity. Oh well, if some terrorist got ahold of it at least when they take me to gitmo I’ll be warm.

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