Saturday the boy had one of his final wrestling meets of the year. I should also tell you that he hates the sport. The coaches encourage all football players not doing another winter sport to participate and it did help him with body control and handling bigger people. I say all of this because during the meet he was dealt the worst hand that this thing has to give. He had to wrestle a girl. 

It’s a lose lose proposition. Win and you beat a girl. I know that sounds sexist but I am just talking about reality. Lose and, well, you lost to a girl. Everything about it is awkward and I have watched a bunch of he’s matches over the last couple seasons. All of a sudden you have a handful of something you don’t want or someone else has a handful and they are not who you want grasping your junk. It’s hard to watch when it’s not your kid.

His opponent was no shrinking violet. The boy wrestles at 190 pounds so she weighed at least that. I was trying to judge when she stood next to him and my guess would be that she’s 5’4″. He threw her down and pinned her in thirty seconds or so. It only took that long as he tried to figure out how to make the pinning less not fun. He was not happy long after the match. It’s almost over and enduring this is a great life lesson.

I was going to film it to send to my brother but the look he shot me taking the mat made me rethink. Anyway, I had a publishers note: I have been thumb typing a lot of these lately and just noticed some awesome autocorrect mistakes and a couple missing posts. I will fill in the holes if I can find them but the wrong words stand. That is all.

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