I started with the title and I’m not in love with it because it feels like a YouTube person who puts boobs in the thumbnail to get people to click the video. Believe me I’ve been disappointed the complete lack of said same to despise the breast and switch to shitty boring content practice . But my title directly relates to my current overabundance of office humidity.

Being the partial cheap ass that I am when I found a need for humidification in my completely HVAC autonomous office I did not go for the perfect size. Oh no, I went pure bang for the buck. I ended up with some last years model clearance steam unit that turned this room into a tropical paradise complete with afternoon rain showers.

Yup you read that correctly, when I walked in this morning there was condensation on my ceiling. The windows were already a foggy mess but they had been that way for weeks. The roof was another development altogether. I might have left the thing on its highest setting overnight which didn’t help but the condensation wasn’t the worst development.

being steam heat it had drifted up into the highest point that it could in the room which happened to be one of my LED can lights that I didn’t quite seat correctly after painting. The gap I left open was all it took to turn the can into an electrified terrarium. It shorted out the bulb and when I pulled it down a nice little trickle of water followed.

I have ceased and desisted all humidification operations in the office and it seems to have done the trick. I can see out of the glass once more and my replacement bulb is working like a charm. If I didnt throw them away I would bet the humidifier instructions would have warned me about potential trouble in small sealed spaces. Lesson learned. I guess I will have to start ironing my shirts again too.

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