I was getting my vacation things in order which really means that I am officially blocking off the time on the company calendar and it struck me how strange it is to get twisted up over taking time off. I think its a flaw in my internal wiring somewhere that equates vacation with lazy. Probably more to do with the lingering feeling of not good enough stemming from my lack of formal education or more specifically my missing degree.

I say missing because I had every opportunity presented to me and I simply blew it. As a statement of fact and not meant to be taken as an excuse or justification I had no business attending college when I graduated High School. I was a bullshit artist who talked a good game but that was it. Like a moron I followed a girl to the University of Kansas where I proceeded to excel at socializing and anything but school. Ended up hating the girl and taking off for Iowa State where I took the party thing to the next level.

I got really good at some really bad things and some really good things, time passed, then I met a girl. By the time I decided I should really take a hard look at getting a degree it was too late. Time (say time one more time in this post time sayer guy) to drop out, head home, and start a life. Without my parents to prop me up in those early years I can safely say that I would be a bar-tending professional with severe liver damage in a warm climate or more likely some much worse scenario. Instead I got to walk an assisted path that led me to a pretty great life.

I say all this after reading a bunch of articles on the current cost and relative value of a college degree. I’m not going to get in to that here but the last article I read was about kids fleeing the country to live abroad to avoid mountains of student loans. Downside is they can’t ever come back lest they get garnished and potentially sued. Seeing as most of the degreed overseas have not so great jobs I don’t think they look at it as a downside. I work for a lot of well of plumbers, electricians, and HVAC people which is probably the route I should have taken in the first place.

The problem now is that kids aren’t really given the trades as a viable option. I  need to climb down from this soap box now but if my son has any doubt I will steer him toward work that can’t be outsourced to another country and something that makes you always employable. Anyway, that was about a mile away from my original thought. When I blocked off the vacation days for guys weekend I happened to see an ad for a substance that made my stomach churn.Image result for pbj bourbon

This shite had better not make it to the lake this year or else it might end up on the banned substance list right along side dry vermouth (long untellable story) yuck.

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