I am a bit of a bad family photo connoisseur always have been always will be. I have seen hundreds in my internet wanderings and have donated to many sites that made me laugh over the years. I say this as a way to establish myself as a serious fan and to let you know how rare it is that one makes me stop in my electronic tracks.

To give you some background most of these are people sincerely attempting to capture the majesty of their familial unit through the eye of an artist. Like these people who used the silhouette style to its full potential.

*photos removed because awkward family photos got pissed and rightly so as I blatently stole their images. sorry

Or this loving couple who just wanted to try and capture their busy children dressed up and sitting calmly for the camera.


These are normal examples of pictorial greatness. Today I was killing some time and stumbled upon this pic and it has me completely confused.


It is great on so many levels I am dizzy. Mom and Dads hair styles to the family bellies. But wait, why does Dad have an ax pressed against his daughters breast? And why is he in half-honk mode on said same? Mom’s beauty haunts me. Her traps are amazing as well and that bra has to be made of something military grade. I love everything about these folks even the unanswered questions that are currently flooding my mind. Just thought I’d share some treasure today.

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