Personal best ish

I have reached a new personal level of douchery as I am now the not so sure if he’s proud owner of a certified refurbished Apple Watch Sport. I could bore you with the tale of collecting gift cards for a retailer I’ve grown to despise and then stumbling across something that looked kind of interesting that took the balance on those cards down to under ten cents but… But nothing. I just told you what happened.

I had an assload of WorstBuy gift cards from last year and this Christmas slash birthday with nothing I wanted to purchase as I’ve grown to hate the store. (bad story – worse sentence) That dislike is a giant knot of bad customer service that culminated with a verbal declaration of my feelings in my local store… To the on duty manager… Complete with a couple side orders of swearing. That was just before Christmas and I haven’t been back since.

Anyway, my mental problems aside, I got an email offer that let me buy the watch at a “refurbished” 25% discount so I took them up on it.  

I partially write this as a defensive move against my real life friends. When I am caught petting my watch I want the excuse out in the atmosphere. Part of a day in and so far it is nothing more than a tattletale on my wrist letting me know how little I’ve moved today.

This dam standing desk better count for something. Plus half the time was charging and updating. Shit, I’m already apologizing to this trinket. Time to give up and switch to the Mickey Mouse face.

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