Holy tooth pain Batman

I am pushing up the other part of my root canal to tomorrow morning only because RIGHT NOW wasn’t available. If you saw my dentists office you would be afraid but there is something about the old school jankyness that puts me at ease. If I remember through the pain I will take a couple of pictures for your amusement. Not of my swollen pace, well maybe that too if the swelling is due to the procedure and not just my love of beer and food, but the office in general.

I will at least write about it after my post root nap as I have taken a personal day to deal with this tooth. This is the same mutinous molar that gave me all the trouble in Canada and its time to be done with this nonsense until another decides to act up. People who suffer through tooth pain for years are not tough, they are complete fucking idiots. I drink a lot of cold chemicals and if they catch me just right it feels like someone is trying to find the weak spots in my jaw and skull with a railroad spike.

The official over the phone diagnosis was “sounds like your temporary has failed. You had better get in here first thing in the morning.” When I asked if he cared how drunk I was when I showed up he said something about trying not to drink right before showing up at the office. After I hung up I got a mental movie of me snoring like a tranquilized bear in his chair and for some reason it made me feel better.

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